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12 Subtle Ways Students Get Away With Cheating. This Is Pretty Smart!

Cheating is never a good idea. If you get caught, you can get a failing grade, a suspension, or even an expulsion. On the long term, a cheater will hurt no one other than himself. Whether you were involved or not, you have all been in a test where someone was cheating. We must admit, some of these techniques are pretty darn ingenious.

1. The eraser

This one is a classic. You can write anything you want on an eraser (preferably a white one), and clear the ink with your finger once you are done.


2. The calculator

When students are not requested to reset their graphing calculators, there is a slight chance that they will have access to formulas saved somewhere.


3. The baseball cap

Some students write their notes under their hat’s visor.


4. Scrap paper

There are different ways to cheat using scrap paper. The most common way is to hide a cheat sheet somewhere and make it look like scrap paper.


5. The ruler

Some students will write a cheatsheet on a ruler.


6. Long sleeves shirts and hoodies

Some students were caught writing notes on their forearms, and rolling their sleeves up  and down to read the notes. Another funny trick is to hide your arm under your shirt and pretend it is on the desk.


7. Labels

Whether is it on a bottle of water or on a whiteout bottle, labels are easy cheating tools. Some sophisticated cheaters will even use their computers to create labels.



8. The skirt trick

There is one advantage of wearing a skirt. If the teacher is a male, there is no way he will ask you what’s under your skin.


9. The pen

You can slip a mini cheat sheet in a pen barrel. 


10. Smartphones

There is a myriad of things you can do with your smartphone. For instance you can write notes, or take a picture.


11. Shoes

Here is how it goes: first you write notes on your soles, then once you are in class, you cross your legs to read what was written.


12. On your fruit

One advantage is that it keeps your belly full.