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15 Crazy Things You Do When You Are In Love With Your Best Friend

Friends are the best companion anyone can ever have. When you get a feel that you are in love with your best friend below are the oversensitive things you do.

1.   You Would Not Want Your Friend To Talk To Any Other Girl/Gu


2.    You Will Hold Up For The Moment For Your Friend To Hug You For Any Reason


3.    You Have The Inclination That You Are In A Fantasy World When Your Friend Holds Your Hand



4.   You Will Love When Your Friend Takes Exceptional Consideration Of You



5.    Show Extreme Respect For Your Friend’s Parents



6.    Would Love To Strive For A Ride With Him And Hug Him From Behind




7.    When You Go Out For A Movie With Your Friend You Would Desperately Want To Sit Next To Him



8.    Match With The Color Of Dress Which Your Friend Wears



9.    Give The Best Gift To Your Friend On His/Her Birthday



10.    On Valentine’s Day You Would Hope To Tell Your Friend What You Feel And Lastly Come Up Short



11.    Will Wait For A Text Message From Your Friend So You Can Continue The Conversation The Whole Night




12.    You Feel When Your Friend Talks About Any Other Girl/Guy



13.    You Never Stop Talking About Your Friend And The Fun You Had With Him/Her To Everyone



14.    You Are The Most Happiest Person When Your Friend Succeeds In Something



15.    Finally When Your Friend Proposes His/Her Love, You Feel “I Was Waiting For This Moment”