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16 Essential Homemade Beauty Tips For Fair Skin.

We all secretly desire for long, lustrous hair and flawless complexion. In this post, we have covered an exhaustive list of beauty tips for getting fair skin at home. But this isn’t all about just face packs. We have also tried to cover specific foods and other skin care basics that are often ignored or overlooked.

We often try fairness creams, face scrubs and other beauty serums available in the market. No harm in trying beauty products to look your best at all occasions. However, if you have homemade face packs and scrubs to look beautiful naturally, will you still opt for synthetic products? Moreover, all the ingredients for home made face packs are readily available in your kitchen. So you really don’t need to invest in expensive lotions to have a glowing skin. Following some simple habits and eating right is the easiest way to look gorgeous always.

Lack of time makes it impossible to take care of your skin at home, so you have to wait till Sunday to do a quick five minute face cleanup. That is not enough if you desire a healthy fair skin. You actually don’t need to work really hard on it; using simple homemade packs will repair the damages from within and give you the desired complexion.

You need to realize that protecting your skin from further damage is important. Otherwise, all your attempts will be of no use as your skin will keep sustaining damage and you will keep wondering why none of the treatments are showing any results!

So here some tips to make face packs at home. You will also find a diet on how to get fair skin naturally and other basic habits that are often ignored. So why wait!
Simple Daily Skin Care Necessities:

Your skin needs time and care for rejuvenation and regeneration. Without basic care, improving your skin condition and tone would be a difficult task. This is why you need to follow these skincare basics to ensure a youthful, glowing skin.

a. Drink Lots of Water:

Make it a habit to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every single day.This is not just a common advice, water is essential for proper functioning of the body. There is fluid loss from the body due to evaporation and sweating and also via urination. This loss needs to be compensated by drinking plenty of water and juices but not soft drinks.

When water intake is not equal to water output then dehydration takes place.Generally fluid loss takes place in warmer climates, among those who does grueling exercise routines at high altitudes and in older people who don’t tend to feel thirsty.

The body is composed of 60% water which is required for various body functions like digestion, respiration, absorption, circulation, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of normal body temperature. When you are low on water the brain triggers the body’s thirst mechanism. Water is a non-calorie beverage and it is the safest way to lose weight.
Water energizes you and relieves you from fatigue. When you are dehydrated and tired your face looks really dull. The skin mirrors your health, so you should treat water like a nutrient and drink it. Water keeps your skin hydrated but it doesn’t remove wrinkles. Since water improves digestion it makes your face fresh and free of acne.

b. Sleep Well:

If you don’t sleep it shows on your face. You look irritated and tired. The solution is don’t skip your beauty sleep and do not stay awake till late hours in the night. Lack of sleep cause the blood vessels to dilate and this result in dark circles.

The skin undergoes repairing, restoration and rebalancing while you are sleeping. The dead skin cells give away to newer cells and the face gets an instant lift. All the hormonal and metabolic changes occur in the body while you are sleeping. So lack of sleep disrupts the body processes. Seven to eight hours of sleep is absolutely needed if you want a healthy skin. However, don’t oversleep it can cause cell breakdown, maintain a balance.

Fix your sleeping and waking time. Sleep on a soft pillow and also make sure the pillow cover is also soft.

c. Exercise:

You must exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. If you have skin problem like acne, psoriasis and rosacea take ample precautions before exercising, but don’t let skin problems hinder your active life. Dermatologists say that exercise helps to increase blood circulation that itself boosts skin health.

When you do any physical activity the blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all the cells, including your skin cells and makes it healthy. Exercise also helps to remove cellular debris and free radicals from the body and cleanse it from within. Sometimes, stress causes the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum and this triggers skin problems like eczema and acne. Exercise helps to de-stress and this keeps skin problems at bay. Most important, exercise tones your body and makes you look beautiful.

d. Exfoliate:

Follow a good skin care routine. Do not skip exfoliation as without this, you cannot get rid of dead and dry skin that accumulates and makes your complexion appear dull. You needn’t always buy a scrub. Homemade scrubs are just as effective! Use oatmeal as an exfoliator instead of a packaged product. There are many natural options available.

e. Remove Makeup Before Sleep:

It is important to let your skin breathe. Remove your makeup before you sleep every night. Yes, follow this step every night without fail no matter how tired you are! With makeup, your skin cannot repair by itself.

Using oil to remove makeup is perhaps the best way than using harsh chemicals. Those with oily skin feel that excess oil can cause more harm, well it is not so, oil helps to dissolve dirt and sebum without stripping the face of the natural oils. Those with oily skin can also use astringent like neem based cleanser.

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Make sure the cleanser is water based. But virgin olive oil is the best, it remove all eye and face make up in one step. You can also use castor oil, its anti-bacterial and great your skin. You can also blend castor oil with almond oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil to remove wrinkles and give your skin the natural glow.

Blend half cup of virgin olive oil and castor oil.
Apply it on your face and gently massage. Use the oil to remove all the eye makeup gently.
Now dip the washcloth in warm water and wring out the excess moisture.
Place it on your face and keep it for a minute and then wipe out the excess oil.
This simple oil cleansing routine will remove all impurities.
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f. Have Vitamin Rich Food:

Incorporate Vitamin A and Vitamin C rich foods in your diet. This will bring a natural glow to your skin. Vitamin C tablets are also available. You can have one tablet every day post lunch for a clear skin tone.

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Homemade Beauty Tips On How To Become Fair:

Now that you know all the factors that are responsible for healthy skin, it’s time to pamper yourself. Apply these easy to make face packs and relax as they work their magic. These are some of the oldest and most popular homemade beauty tips for glowing skin that our grandmas have passed on to us!

1. Tea Water and Honey Face Pack:

If you simply love the aroma of tea, you can also use it for your skin. You can use tea water for bath and soak in its fragrance. Also you can put tea water in a spray bottle and gently spray it on your face to feel rejuvenated. You can use normal black tea, green tea or herbal teas like chamomile, mint and lavender. Just like you drink tea to relieve stress, similarly de-stress your skin with a tea water wash. The antioxidants in tea water will flush out the free radicals and toxins from your skin. Adding honey will help to protect your face from bacteria and keep it hydrated.

Things you will need:

1 cup of tea water (cooled down)
2 spoons of rice flour
½ a spoon of honey
The rice flour acts as an excellent scrub and honey moisturizes the skin.


Mix the above ingredients and apply on the skin. Leave it on till the mask dries completely for around 20 minutes or more.
Before washing off the mask with water, make sure you massage in circular motions; this is important as it removes the dead skin and evens out the skin tone.
Wash your face with cold water. This gives you a fairer and even skin tone.
The Summary:
Use tea water for bath or gently spray it on your face. You can also drink normal black tea, green tea or herbal teas and adding honey de-stresses your skin and keeps it hydrated.

2. Oats and Lemon Face Pack:

Oats is a natural exfoliator. Oats are hypoallergenic and are suitable for those who have eczema. If you only had oats for your breakfast to become slim, you can also use it on your skin to clear it from excess oil, grime and impurities. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and has skin lightening properties. You will find many commercial fairness creams have lemon extracts in it. Isn’t it better to use lemon juice directly than using extracts? Also give your skin a break from harsh chemicals.

Things you will need:

1 tbsp. of oats; cooked and mashed (helps reduce inflammation and heals the skin).
1 tbsp. of lemon juice (lemon helps lighten the skin tone).
If you have sensitive skin, you can dilute the lemon juice with water.

Mix the above ingredients and apply on the face by massaging into the skin.
Let it dry for 20 minutes.
Wash and pat dry.
Look into more of these oatmeal face packs for a fairer face and glowing skin.

The Summary:
Oats are a natural exfoliator and when used on skin they clear it from oil, grime and impurities. Combining with lemon lightens the skin.

3. Turmeric and Lemon Face Pack:

Turmeric is perhaps the best solution for fair skin. No doubt, the bride looks even more gorgeous after the halide (turmeric) ceremony. Halide ceremony has become the part of Indian wedding, it is said applying halide or turmeric paste on the skin makes the body pure before the sacred marriage ritual takes place.

Turmeric also gives the skin a visible golden glow. Turmeric is a very good exfoliating agent and also prevents the skin from ageing. Turmeric is used with bean or gram flour inhibits facial hair growth giving you a fairer skin. Turmeric also removes acne, stretch marks, wrinkles and blemishes. Adding lemon juice to turmeric will make it a potent skin fairness agent.

Things you will need:

Turmeric and lemon face pack
Gram flour
Lemon juice

Mix all the above ingredients and apply evenly on the face.
Scrub the paste gently on your face for 5 minutes and let it dry for 20 minutes.
Once it’s dry, clean your face.
The Summary:
Turmeric is an exfoliating agent, inhibits facial hair growth and removes acne, wrinkles and blemishes. On combining with lemon,m the mixture makes a skin fairness agent.

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4. Turmeric and Tomato Face Pack:

We already know about the benefits of turmeric. Did you know that lycopene present in tomatoes helps to reduce skin irritation, redness, DNA damage from ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, don’t forget applying sunscreens altogether. Lycopene is an antioxidant that protects the face from damage caused by sunrays. It is also a great ant-ageing agent. So stay young with a tomato diet!

Things you will need:

Tomato juice

Mix turmeric with tomato juice.
Apply on your face and allow it to dry.
Wash your face with tepid water.
This is quite a popular pack among women for its simplicity and the glowing results!

Alternatively, try this even simpler remedy. You can take out the tomato pulp and massage your skin with it. Leave this on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off. This will help to bring about a change in your complexion if done every day.
The Summary:
Lycopene present in tomatoes reduce skin irritation, redness and protects the face from sun radiations. It is an anti ageing agent and when massaged onto the skin, changes the complexion.

5. Turmeric Face Pack:

This is an all-time favourite! The results have always been so stunning that this has now become a must-do ritual for a bride before the wedding day!

Things you will need:

Turmeric face pack
Gram flour (good exfoliator)
Pinch of turmeric (lightens skin tone)
Milk (moisturizer)

Mix all the above ingredients and apply the mask.
Scrub the paste gently on your face for 5 minutes and let it dry for 20 minutes.
Once it’s dry, clean your face.
The Summary:
A combination of turmeric, gram flour and milk exfoliates, moisturizes and lightens skin tone.

6. Yogurt and Dried Orange Peel:

Orange is rich in vitamin C and it is a great skin tonic. It helps to cure and prevent acne and keeps other skin problems at bay. Nothing can be better than yogurt for your skin. It is not only great for your health it makes your skin glow. Plain yogurt fight ace, skin dicolouration, signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. The best thing about yogurt is that it is the most effective mosturiser for all skins.

Things you will need:

Dried orange peel
Fresh and unflavored yogurt
Do not throw away the orange peels after eating the fruit! Dry the orange peels first under the sun before grinding.

Grind the dried orange peels.
Mix 1 tbsp. of it with 1 tbsp. fresh and unflavored yogurt. Make a paste.
Apply and keep it on for 15-20 minutes.
Then rinse off.
The Summary:
Dried orange peel prevents acne and keep skin problems at bay. Plain yogurt fight acne, skin discoloration and signs of ageing. A combination of both is effective.

7. Yogurt and Lemon:

Yogurt and lemon
Both yogurt and lemon moisturizes the skin and removes blemishes that makes the face look dull. This combination will add luster to your face.

Things you will need:

Fresh and unflavored yogurt
Fresh lemon juice

Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of fresh and unflavored yogurt and mix well.
Apply and keep on cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes
Then rinse off.
This will not only make your skin fairer but it will also reduce acne marks and dark spots (if any) on your skin.

The Summary:
Yogurt and lemon juice pack moisturizes the skin, removes blemishes and adds luster to your face.

8. Milk, Lemon Juice and Honey:

Milk, lemon juice and honey
The combination of raw milk, honey and lemon will not only make you fair naturally, it will also lock moisture in your skin. It will act as a physical barrier and protect your skin from damage from environmental factors like pollution.

Things you will need:

Lemon Juice

Use 1 tsp. each of milk/milk powder, honey and lemon juice, and mix to form a paste.
It should be applied on cleansed skin and left for 15-20 minutes.
After that you can rinse it off.
The Summary:
Raw milk, lemon juice and honey pack lock moisture in the skin and protects skin from environmental factors.

9. Milk and Saffron:

Saffron is touted as the best skin fairness agent. It is expensive than other food items, but is worth investing in saffron to get the golden glow.

Things you will need:

Cold, uncoiled milk (raw) – 2 to 3 teaspoons
A few strands of saffron (also known as Kesar)

Put 5-6 strands of saffron in the milk.
Let it stay for 3-4 hours.
Cleanse your face and neck, and apply this mix.
Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
Wash off with lukewarm water.
This is one of the most effective tips to become fair. It also makes your skin soft and smooth. Raw milk is not heavy; hence, this will suit all skin types.

The Summary:
Saffron is the best fairness agent and when combined with raw milk makes the skin soft and smooth.

10. Papaya and Fuller’s Earth:

Papaya and fuller’s earth or multani mitti not only makes the skin fair, it also makes it healthy. Both these are popularly used in all beauty products, but it best to make a homemade mask to protect your skin from chemicals. Just cut out chemicals from your skin care routine.Those will oily skin can use this face pack without any worry!

Things you will need:

1 tbsp. papaya pulp
1 teaspoon fuller’s earth (multani mitti)

Mix the two together.
Apply on cleansed skin.
Let it dry and rinse off.
This makes for a refreshing summer mask.

The Summary:
Papaya and fuller’s earth pack protects your skin from chemicals and is a refreshing summer mask.

11. Potato:

Potato pack
Don’t throw away potato skin after peeling; you can use it as a scrub. You can also grate or make potato juice and use it for your skin. It is crime to throw away or ignore this precious vegetable that can give you and even toned complexion. It removes all dirt and dead skin cells leaving your skin fresh and vibrant.

Things you will need:

Potato slices, in pulp or juice form.

Use potato slices or the paste of potato as a mask or you can even apply the juice on tanned portions of the skin.
This can be applied twice daily on your skin.
After 15-20 minutes, wash off with plain water.
The Summary:
Using potato skin as a scrub removes dirt and dead skin cells, leaving your skin fresh and vibrant.

12. Lemon or Orange Rind:

This citrus combination will do wonders to your skin because of its high vitamin C content. It will brighten and protect your skin. You can use it solve acne and other skin problems as well.

Things you will need:

Lemon or orange rind
Raw milk

Take lemon zest or lemon rind (grated outer skin), or even orange zest; dry them under the sun (do not microwave) and then grind them to powder.
Store in a dry air tight container
Mix it with raw milk and use as a pack on the affected areas.
Wash off with warm water only.
Immediately use a cooling toner.
Here are some more Ayurveda face packs for fair skin.

The Summary:
Citrus rinds are packed with vitamin C; thus brighten and protect your skin.

13. Healthy Diet:

With daily care and treatments nailed, what you need to monitor next is your eating habits. For without the right nutrients, your skin cannot undo the damage that it sustains on a daily basis.
Here we tell you what you should eat. In other words, a healthy diet for your skin is necessary!

The right quantities of all the ingredients need to be consumed for the skin to be healthy and for the fairness to reflect.
Eat fruits with Vitamin C for the antioxidants they contain.
Balance your diet to get the right amount of proteins and unsaturated fats along with fresh, green vegetables to provide the right portions of nutrients for your skin to naturally care for itself.
We have some excellent resources to help you with your diet:

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The Summary:
Eat fruits with vitamin C. Eat right quantities of proteins, unsaturated fats, fresh and green vegetables to care your skin naturally.

14. Sun Protection and Care:

With all these attended to; there is still one thing you need to keep firmly in mind! Do not step out into the sun without protection! Are you wondering why? How can forgetting to apply sunscreen lotion cause so much damage? Don’t ever question the effects of the harsh sun rays and the UV radiation that your skin is exposed to when you step out of your home! That is why you need to use a sunscreen!

Always apply a sunscreen before stepping out into the sun.
An SPF of at least 30 or more depending on your skin type is necessary.
UV rays darken and damage your skin! So, make sure you reapply your sunscreen every four or five hours.
These are of course not fail-proof! But if you have already spent too much time in the sun, you first need to lose the tan and burns. Try these remedial measures to address the issues.

The Summary:
Apply sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 30 whenever you step out of your home. Reapply the sunscreen every 4 to 5 hours.

15. Homemade Tan Removal:

Tans are inevitable! No matter how much sunscreen we lather on, the brutal sun always finds a way to harm us! There are several ways to remove tan right at your home. Here is an excellent article to remove tan at home.

But here we shall enlighten you on one of the most famous tan removal packs ever!


This traditional, age-old treatment includes the use of a mixture of besan (gram flour), turmeric and yogurt. Turmeric removes the blemishes and dark spots. Yogurt clears the excessive tan. And, besan cleanses your skin effectively. It suits all skin types and can be done every day as it is very gentle. The effects are visible quite immediately but tan removal needs a couple of days or weeks, depending on the intensity of the tan.

The Summary:
A mixture of gram flour, turmeric and yogurt removes tan and it takes time depending on the intensity of the tan.

16. Homemade Sun Burn Cure:

Well, sun burns are but natural once you hit a beach for your vacation. But that doesn’t mean you need to go back to work looking toasted.

Here is one solution you will definitely love!


Vinegar has antioxidants which fight free radicals and also keep bacterial and fungal infections away. More than these reasons, however, the pH level of your skin is restored effectively with the use of vinegar.

Take a clean spray bottle and fill it with some vinegar.
Spray it directly on the affected areas and allow it to dry.
Normally vinegar dries within 2 to 3 minutes, and you can instantly feel the cooling, relaxing sensation on your skin.
You can follow the same procedure once in every 5 hours to prevent the burning sensation and to cure your sun burn faster.
The Summary:
Spraying vinegar on sunburns prevents the burning sensation and cures the burn faster.

So here are the easy to make homemade face packs you can use anytime. Wash your face thoroughly before applying the face packs. Wear a hairband and plain clothes that you won’t feel sorry about if they get spoilt. Use a brush to apply the face pack evenly. While washing off the face mask use circular movements with your fingertips to get rid of excess dirt. You can use washcloth to wipe off your face. Don’t rub your face, pat it dry.