September is fashion month—with fashion magazines thickest editions and with everyone dressing up to the nines, you know that that’s the month for you to get your A-game on. Now we all know that the best accessory you have is your hair, so that’s what you need to be working on. Be BEAUTIFUL gives you their three commandments to live by, so that your hair is glossy, flossy and absolutely fabulous.


Wheat Germ Oil

Reverse hair damage with a natural remedy. Wheat Germ Oil replaces some of the lost moisture and prevents your hair from future damage.  Dry hair leads to splitting and breakage—in addition to a serious dose of frizz, which no one is eager to flaunt. Wheat Germ Oil, which comprises of long-chain fatty acids will give your tresses emollient properties that relieve dryness and will add softness and moisture to your hair.

Massagable Conditioner

TRESemmé rejuvenates your scalp and your tresses with their latest massageable conditioner. With a formula rich in moisturisers, nutrients and soothing ingredients—we love how healthy and moisturised this product leaves our scalp. By nourishing your scalp and making your hair look healthier and gorgeous—there is no better product you need to prep your strands.

Heat Styling Products? No, Thank You!

As you prep for fashion month and wedding season—to really amp up that level of detox you’ve got to rid your hair of toxins, infuse it with nutrients and keep it away from cringe-worthy products and tools. When you’re trying to detox your body—you lap up those green smoothies, meditate, do things to make you feel positive and stay away from grease and saturated fats. Similarly, while you’re detoxing your tresses—feed them with nutrients, massage your scalp and most importantly keep it away from heat-styling products. Heat-styling products are the number one reason that your hair burns up into a frizzy state, so this month stay away from the devil’s tools.