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5 experiences that should be on a thrill-seeker’s bucket list

Whether you’re a quintessential adventurer or just someone seeking a break from everyday monotony, these five experiences are guaranteed to give you both an instant adrenalin rush and memories to last a lifetime.

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Wildlife lovers, this is your chance to get up close and personal with crocodiles. At South Africa’s Cango Wildlife Ranch, visitors can dive into a pool inhabited by four large Nile crocodiles, all housed within the safety of a cage which is submerged inside the pool. The only rule: you need to be above 14 years of age. The ranch also offers interactive encounters with cheetahs, tigers, lemurs and reptiles.
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This edge-of-the-seat experience lets you have your meal while hanging from a crane, 50 metres in the air. Guests have the option of choosing the location and the caterer. Three chefs can cook your meal before your eyes. Each meal lasts for an hour, and can accommodate a maximum of 22 people. The best part? It’s available in more than 15 countries around the world.
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In Toronto’s CN Tower, thrill-seekers are strapped to a harness and dangled from a catwalk that’s 1168 feet, or 116 stories, above the ground. The “EdgeWalk” on the building’s full-circle ledge lasts for 30 minutes. Daredevils can even lean over to take a bird’s-eye view of Lake Ontario below.
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Photo courtesy: The Everest Skydive
The Everest Skydive in Nepal is guaranteed to give you an adventurous high. Divers are taken aboard an aircraft, and then allowed to jump from 29,500 feet (higher than Everest) for a free-fall past the world’s tallest peak. An attached parachute ensures a smooth descent and soft landing. Both solo and guided skydives can be arranged.
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Photo courtesy: MiGFlug
Don’t know how to fly but dream of being a pilot? MiGFlug lets you operate an actual fighter plane, with a little help from one of their flight instructors. You can choose from four fighter jets, and even perform those stylish maneuvers you admired in Top Gun. The company operates out of seven countries in Europe, Asia and the United States.