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6 of the world’s strangest museums

So you’re a museum buff and have ticked off all the famous repositories on your list. However offbeat your interest might be, chances are that there is a museum somewhere dedicated to it. From noodles and spies, to everything else in between, there is one for all sorts of things. Check out 6 such strange museums found all over the world.



Photo by:  Connie Ma, Creative Commons Attribution Licence
Good art can be found in many museums around the world. Finding bad art is the big challenge! The Museum of Bad Art in Boston hopes to change all that by showcasing the best of the worst. The hilarious collection is labelled under categories like ‘Landscape: are those ice creams or mountains’, ‘poor traits’ and unlikely landscapes and seascapes and still life’. Clashing colours, out of proportion figures and quirky themes will have visitors chuckling as they roam the halls. Now why should you go see classic works of art when you could see bad art?


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Photo by:  David, Creative Commons Attribution Licence
Enter the world of espionage and understand first hand what it really means to be a spy at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. KGB lipstick pistols and invisible ink letters will go ahead and prove for a fact that yes…Spies are cool. You can take part in undercover missions and meet all the Bond villains that wreaked havoc in the pages of the books.


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Photo by:  Glen Bowman, Creative Commons Attribution Licence
Even if you aren’t a diehard believer in magic and all things occult, the Museum of Witchcraft is a fascinating journey into the history of magic. From categories like devil worship and Satanism to the persecution of witches, the museum certainly houses a collection of all things dark. And if you’re up for dabbling in occult, pick up a guide from their library of over 3,000 books.


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Photo by:  Guilhem Vellut, Creative Commons Attribution Licence
Any teenager who cannot cook, has more than once reached out to grab a packet of Instant Ramen. Nissin’s Ramen Noodles were the first instant noodles to be created and the Japanese are extremely proud of that fact. So proud, that they decided to dedicate an entire museum to Instant noodles and its founder Momofuku Ando. You can roll your own noodles, decorate your container and pick your favourite toppings.


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Photo by:  Ann Lee, Creative Commons Attribution Licence
Did you know how packaging labels evolved? The Museum of Brands in London appreciates consumer culture and attempts to trace the history of your favourite brands over the years. Posters, advertising and packaging dating back to the Victorian era is housed under one roof. Most of the objects on display here, like Cornflakes, will transport you back in time while others will have you question their very existence!


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Photo by:  Thomas Quine, Creative Commons Attribution Licence
The Germans certainly do love their sausage, in particular, the currywurst. And they show this love generously by dedicating an entire museum to it. You’re treated to a sensory experience of this culinary delight, right from the sound of sizzling sausages to the smell of exotic spices. You can even stand behind a mock up of a sausage stand and imagine what it’s like to serve customers. Have a seat on their sausage shaped sofa while you sample some bites and come out feeling quite full of knowledge and food.