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6-step guide to make up for less than 8 hours sleep

It is believed that less than 8 hours of sleep is inadequate and makes you restless all day long. Since you can’t prolong the day, you have to go on. Whatever the case be, it is surely tough to wade through 8 hours at work without the required doze of snooze time. So what to do? We have help.

Do not prolong your bedtime: If it is time to wake up but you haven’t clocked your 8 hours, don’t keep lying on the bed thinking you will catch up for the lost hours. You got to do what you got to do! It will just ruin your body schedule and might play with your bedtime routine.

Go outside: Instead of slogging inside your house, it’s better to go out and grab some fresh air and sun. Natural light regulates your body clock and the fresh air makes you feel better.

A kick of coffee: Whoever said coffee helps banish sleeplessness was not lying. If you are not a morning coffee person, no worries. You can whiff coffee and inhale its goodness. It will give your brain a kick of freshness.

Hydrate: Most of us wake up in the morning dehydrated. So it’s best to gulp down a glass of water. You will instantly feel the difference.

Fuel up: Once you have had your glass of water, go for an early breakfast. Oats is your best bet if you haven’t slept well as it will release energy in your body, exactly the way you want it.

Another dose of caffeine? Now we come to the last spot. Do you think you can have another cup of coffee to eliminate last signs of sleeplessness? Well, if you feel up for it, go for it.