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6 Things About Shah Rukh & Gauri Khan

It was love at first sight

Cupid made short work of their love story and SRK now has a fond tale of how he fell for their mother the first time he danced with her on the sets of The Anupam Kher Show – Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai to tell his kids.


Bollywood’s Romeo is no great shakes at romantic gestures 

In fact, his big proposal to Gauri involved dropping the question after dropping her home and driving off without waiting to hear her response in a fit of nerves.


As in, seriously. By his own admission, SRK is extremely shy in personal life

As proved when he admitted, “I had never asked a girl out. I danced with her, she was very good. I asked for her telephone number and she was the first girl with whom I had danced or asked for their number. I felt that she is the one for me, as she has not told me a ‘no’ for now.”


King Khan is extremely possessive about his lady

Most find it hard to believe, but there was apparently a phase in their relationship when he prohibited Gauri from leaving her hair down as he felt it would attract the other guys’ stares.



Gauri is far from another of his doting fans

The mighty Khan’s wife is, in fact, a big fan of tough love. She has gone on record to admit, “If he is bad in a film I don’t need to praise him. He needs to accept that, I am an audience. He needs to deal with it. Shakti was his worst performance in a long time. I respect him for his profession, he is King Khan and gets great write ups, but he doesn’t hear from other people, and I should tell him because no one else tells him.”


SRK had his doubts about Gauri being a good mother 

We kid you not. Shah Rukh once candidly admitted that he wasn’t very confident about Gauri’s maternal abilities, but if the blossoming Suhana & Aryan are anything to go by, she’s proved him wrong.

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