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7 All Natural Ways To Fight Allergies This Seasion.

1. Butterbur:-There have been a number of studies that show an extract from this plant having the same effectiveness against allergies as antihistamines – without the drowsy feeling. It has been show to work well against grass allergies and hay fever and it just might be what you are looking for if you find yourself feeling tired from your antihistamine pills. You can buy it in tablet form for easy consumption.


2.Drink More Fluids:-If you are feeling congested in your nose, chest and head then you should increase the water, juice and tea you drink. This will help to thin the mucous and reduce the severity of your symptoms. It might not be a huge difference but every little bit helps.


3.Eat Honey:-There is a long standing belief that if you eat the honey of whatever you are allergic too (or just honey from your region) your body will slowly become immune to it. The theory is that your body will become used to the pollen in the honey and no longer become irritated by it. This method does require you to take a daily dose of honey, and while there is no scientific evidence to back up the theory there are many who swear by it.



4.Take Vitamin C:-vitamin C is great for the immune system but it can also be great for treating allergies as well. Some believe that vitamin C works better at preventing the creation of histamine (what is responsible for all those fun allergy symptoms) than typical allergy medications. Since allergy medications work to stop the effect of histamine after it’s produced, vitamin C may just cut out the middle man.



5.Eat Lots and Lots of Onions:-Your breath may not smell the best but onions contain quercetin which has been shown some promising results in the treatment of allergies. It has been shown to control the release of histamine and other chemicals that are responsible for how the body responds to allergies. And okay if you don’t want to eat onions, you can also find quercetin in red wine.

6. Steam:-Steam is another great way for you to get relief from the congestion that seasonal allergies bring. All you need to do is pour some boiling water into a large bowl. Place your head over the bowl and cover it with a towel. Breathe deeply for five to ten minutes and you will moisten the nasal passages and thin mucous.


7. Cook with Turmeric:-If you are not used to Indian food then you may not be familiar with this spice. However, studies have shown that it can be a powerful decongestant and help with controlling allergy symptoms. In some cases a dose of turmeric worked better than over the counter medications.