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7 Reasons Why Irrfan Is The Most Talented Khan In Bollywood Today

When the last ‘Jurassic Park’ movie came out, nobody had heard of Irrfan Khan, not even in Bollywood. Such has been his rise in the international film industry that he is one of the major names in the ensemble cast for ‘Jurassic World’. If any Bollywood actor deserves to win an Oscar on sheer value of performance, then it is Irrfan Khan. He is a Padma Shri, National Film and Filmfare award-winning actor who always does full justice to the roles he plays by the brilliance of his routine. Here are some reasons as to why Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan is the most talented Khan in Bollywood today.

1. No Glitz, No Glam. Just Pure Acting Genius


Irrfan Khan is all about the performances that you enjoy and which stick in your mind long after you have seen the movie, be it ‘Life of Pie’, ‘Maqbool’ or ‘Paan Singh Tomar’. He essays some of the most versatile roles so easily and effortlessly that you can almost feel the seamlessness in his characters. That is just plain genius.

2. No Starry Airs Around Him. He Is A Humble, Grounded Human Being


In an industry where people just can’t get enough of themselves, Irrfan Khan has been able to insulate himself from all the fluff that usually gets to the head. Even the advertisements for the products that he endorses have that feel of Indian-ness to them which is quite unique.

3. A True Global Indian Star


Irrfan Khan is one of the better Indian imports to Hollywood. Not only is he respected in the West for his great acting skills but is also offered meaty roles. In ‘Jurassic Park’, his screen time is one of the highest among leads and his next movie alongside Tom Hanks is a new high for an Asian actor.

4. Versatility In His Genes – Comedy, Drama Or Thriller



He can portray any role with ease, be it comedy, drama or thriller. This versatility is what makes him stand out in Bollywood. He has never been typecast for any of his roles (unlike the likes of Salman and Shah Rukh). ‘Lunchbox’ is a prime example of Irrfan Khan’s range.

5. Strong Fundamentals From National School Of Drama


Irrfan Khan was pursuing his MA when he was offered a scholarship in the National School Of Drama. With such strong roots in one of the most prestigious theater schools, Irrfan Khan is a true method actor who understands the subtleties of acting.

6. Not Just A Great Actor But A Money Spinner Too

Irrfan Khan in jaipur

While the three Khans of Bollywood fight over 100- or 200-crore-clubs, Irrfan Khan is raking in millions of dollars for his film franchise. He is the only Indian actor to be part of two projects which have won Oscars.

7. He Gets Better With Every Movie He Does


Just like old wine.