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8 Dream Jobs With Very High Pay.

#1 Chocolate Tasters

Chocolate tasters are paid to examine the taste, smell and aesthetic features of chocolate in chocolate manufacturing companies, food science companies or other places where chocolates are manufactured or sold. Chocolate tasters are expected to have full knowledge and understanding of the complexities of chocolates. Chocolate testers earn an average of between $30,000 and $60,000 yearly depending on the position and levels.


#2 Luxury Bed Testers:-

When items are manufactured, there is a need for them to be tested before they can be sold in the market. Most companies engage the services of third parties to conduct these testing in order to get an unbiased opinion. This was exactly why Specialist Simon Horn Limited engaged the services of a college student to take part in a survey and act as a luxury bed tester. The female student slept on the beds for a whole month, gave feedback and was paid $1,600 for her services.


#3 Video Game Players:-

Video Game Players earn an average of $50,000 yearly. They are professionals whose duties revolve around helping other game players to attain higher levels in games. So the next time you are having a challenge with moving to the next level on Tubular, think of hiring a professional game player.

#4 Voice-Over Artist:-

All voice-over artists do is to lend their voices for use in commercials. They are the voices behind those radios and TV commercials and they earn about $80,000 yearly on average plus the only job requirement is a unique voice with a good accent.


#5 Chief Listening Officer:-

CLO’S have jobs similar to Social Media Consultants but specialize in monitoring mentions and conversations about a company or a brand on social media to observe what is being said and give a feedback to the company. A Chief Listening Officer can earn up to $95,000 per year.


#6 Greens Man:-

A Greens man earns up to $84,000 per year just for designing and arranging plant materials on a movie set. Greens men have artistic and masonry skills and also have good knowledge of plants and the movie industry. They combine these skills and use them to help movie directors interpret movie scripts better.


#7 Computer Ethical Hackers:-

Hackers are hired by security firms, The Government and other companies concerned about keeping their data and systems secure. The job of an Ethical Hacker is to help keep Hackers out of a company’s system. A Computer Hacker can earn up to $150,000 yearly.


#8 Ice Cream Tasters:-

Ice cream tasters just like chocolate testers are hired to examine the taste, smell and texture of ice creams by food science companies or ice cream manufacturers. Ice cream tasters earn about $60,000 yearly plus free ice cream all the time.

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