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Addicted to carbs? Take this quiz

Finding it hard to shed those kilos? You may be addicted to carbohydrates. You need some rehab

Ever felt ready to kill because you missed your morning croissant? Or you find it impossible to get through the afternoon without your daily chocolate bar? If so, then you might just be addicted to carbohydrates. According to the latest research, this compulsion could be the real reason why you can’t shift those excess pounds.

Carbs are sugary and starchy foods that provide us with energy. This includes bread, pasta and cakes. They should be part of everyone’s diet and you shouldn’t cut them out, but several recent studies have made claims that unhealthy carbs — the processed kind packed with sugar — can be addictive for some people, leading to cravings and weight gain. So-called “carb addicts” can consume up to 800 more calories per day than the average person — making them far more likely to be overweight. People with a strong carb preference tend to be mildly depressed and use food to self-medicate and lift their mood.