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Adventure Underwater

Scuba diving is not only a beautiful sport but in the recent years it has become extremely popular. Much like other hobbies, for e.g. golf or even music festivals, people now plan their entire vacations around scuba diving and where they can explore the fascinating world under the sea. For novice divers they usually find scuba spots closer to home so Thailand, Philippines, Andaman Nicobar and even Maldives are extremely popular for this sport. As they say, the world is your oyster and if you take a look, there are some stunning locales across the globe which are perfect for a seasoned diver or even a fledgling one. While it might be next to impossible to list them all, these are some of our favourites.

Belize – The eco diversity in this small country is amazing and when you go underwater to discover what lies there, it will take your breath away. Belize with its various types of reefs, corals and bright blue waters is a scuba divers paradise and in fact a very popular spot for divers all over the world. The more famous spots on the island is the lighthouse reef, the Turneffe Islands and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.


Cayman Islands – Thanks to books and movies, the first thing you think of when you hear of the Cayman Islands is their ability to shelter off shore illicit accounts for the rich and famous. The islands boast of some of the best dive spots in the Caribbean such as Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman which are all geographically stunning and make the dive a special one.


Bali – This exotic jewel in Indonesia’s crown attracts tourists and travelers all year round. The beaches are gorgeous, the landscape is beautiful and of course the luxury resorts and hotels make this a holiday paradise. A lesser known fact is that regular scuba divers flock to Bali to visit its underwater world and aquatic life. It includes some of the best biodiversity and a lot of trainers and dive schools even set up base in Bali.


The Great Barrier Reef in Australia – This is the Mecca of scuba diving and snorkeling. It’s the no.1 destination on every divers list and even if you’re not a diver, the dream is to learn and take the plunge in this vast expanse of stunning beauty. The aerial pictures that are often seen on the internet or in books don’t do justice, but give you a glimpse of how beautiful mother nature can be down under. Of course actually witnessing it is something else. There are 3000 individual coral reefs and one can spend days underwater observing the aquatic life and wonder of the ocean.


Red Sea, Egypt – Scuba diving seems synonymous to beaches and small islands but as unusual as it might sound, the red sea is an excellent spot for scuba diving. There are plenty of dive sites all with enough wonder and beauty to leave you in awe and remind you just how beautiful life under the sea really is. While other dive sites boast of different attractions like island bumming, or luxury hotels, this gives you a chance to even explore the ancient world above the sea pre or post your dives.


Image Credit: zegrahm.com, todivetoday.com, nusaduadive.com, frenzyofnoise.net, driftblue.com

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