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Airbrush your face with ‘blur cosmetics’

Like the blur filter on your smartphone camera, which makes little details in your photos less visually sharp, you can now apply creams that conceal the fine lines and imperfections on your face!

Move over BB, CC and DD creams — the latest buzzword in the world of beauty is ‘blur’. Nowadays, many beauty products are promoting themselves as ‘optical diffusing’ cosmetics. This means, instead of airbrushing and photo-shopping those unsightly open pores and blemishes in photographs, women now have the option of using creams that will visibly reduce any skin imperfections.

The blurring phenomenon originated in South Korea, where brands first came up with lightweight face primers that provide multi-filtering effects for instantly refined and smooth skin. Today, the rest of the world has jumped on this bandwagon and come out with similar eye creams, serums, foundations and other products.

How it works
Unlike regular formulas, these products use particles that are hundreds of sizes smaller than regular formulas. They reflect light and ‘blur’ your skin, giving an illusion of an even complexion. This effect disguises fine lines, age spots, pores and helps even out the skin tone, thus acting like an Instagram filter for the face. Many of these products contain high amounts of silicone, which give the skin a velvety, smooth texture. With the no-makeup look being a popular beauty standard, blur creams might just be the solution women are looking for.