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Akshay Kumar feels lucky to play the role of a naval officer in his next

Akshay Kumar is eagerly looking forward to the release of his next movie ‘Rustom’which has him playing a naval officer. According to the actor, the movie is based on many true stories, incidents that have been brought together under one film. ‘Rustom’ deals with a naval officer who suddenly finds his world turned upside down after his integrity and patriotic credentials come under scrutiny. If that is not enough, his wife’s infidelity turns out to be the final nail in the coffin of their marital bond.When asked if the story is inspired by the movie ‘Achanak’, Akshay says there are no similarities except the killing-for-love part. When Akshay was approached to play the role of a naval officer, he couldn’t be happier. “I couldn’t say no to the role. I don’t remember anybody in Bollywood playing a naval officer,” the actor was quoted as saying in a report. Moreover, he had to run the gamut of emotions for this role to express the character’s anxieties.Akshay believes in giving his hundred percent to any role and Rustom is no different. “I call myself lucky to play the role of a naval officer. Dabbling in different genres has now become my life’s all-abiding passion,” says the actor with a smile. Now that Akshay has become one of the highest-paid celebrities apart from Shah Rukh Khan and Taylor Swift, the actor says he feels honoured every time people compliment him on this achievement. “Hasn’t been easy reaching this stage from a small place like Delhi’s Chandni Chowk,” says the affable khiladi.