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Akshay Kumar introduces the concept of comp-off in Bollywood!

Our Bollywood stars shine on the big screen, but they sometimes do become hard to handle on the sets. While there are complaints of them being brash and non-punctual, there are also those who, in a bid to give their 100%, neglect their health. But you won’t find Akshay Kumar in any of these categories! He is not only punctual but is also extremely careful about his health. In fact, he can easily be credited as the first one to introduce the concept of Comp-off or complimentary off in Bollywood!

Let us first explain to you the concept of comp offs. If you work on a holiday, say Sunday or Independence Day or the likes, you can take a day off on any of the following days. Now, that’s a concept prevalent in a corporate structure and an unheard-of concept in Bollywood. But trust Akshay Kumar to be different.

The actor is currently shooting a promotional song in Filmcity for Singh Bliing with Amy Jackson and Lara Dutta. According to a source from the set, Akshay has never been late to the sets till now. In fact, due to time constraints, he was requested to work on Sunday which the actor doesn’t enjoy at all. On principle, he rarely works on a Sunday. But since he is a professional, he agreed but not without conditions.”

The source continued, “Thanks to Akshay’s routine of early to bed, early to rise, everyone was called on the sets at 5 in the morning on a Sunday. The condition was that the shoot for the day has to wrap up by 2 pm. As was directed, the shoot was carried on till 1 and as it wrapped up, the actor quickly left.” A man of his words! But that’s not the point here. It is something that the source said next which left us in awe of Akshay. The source adds, “Just because he worked on a Sunday, everyone was given a chutti (leave) on Monday.” Wow!!! A Bollywood comp-off!