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Alia Bhatt super confident with SRK on screen

Busy shooting for Gauri Shinde’s as yet untitled film with Shah Rukh Khan, young actor Alia Bhatt says in a news report that she was quite comfortable delivering long dialogues in Hindi while shooting. Alia, who has had a good time at the box office in her four year old career, has a challenging character to play in the film. To get the best out of Alia Bhatt for the demanding role, director Gauri Shinde had conducted quite a few acting workshops for the cast of the film.This claims Alia made it easier for her to sail through. Alia, who has admitted earlier that she fumbles while saying her dialogues was happy with her performance at the end of the day. Giving credit to her co-star, Shah Rukh Khan, Alia who is half his age says that he put her at ease throughout the shoot.