Amitabh Bachchan: The technology used in 'The BFG' is extraordinary
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Amitabh Bachchan: The technology used in ‘The BFG’ is extraordinary

Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone is as revered as his performances. Apart from Parineeti Chopra andGulshan Grover, the icon of Hindi cinema has lent his voice for the Hindi version of Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Big Friendly Giant’ (BFG). Interestingly,Nassar and Jagapathi Babuhave also dubbed for the Tamil and Telugu versions respectively. A chat with Mr Bachchan about his experience while dubbing for the protagonist played by Mark Rylance.
This is the first time you’ve lent your voice to the Hindi version of a Hollywood film…
Reliance approached me and I accepted the offer. The technology deployed in the film is extraordinary.
Usually, Hindi dubbed versions feature colloquial language. But in ‘The BFG’, you are speaking Bhojpuri.
That was the creative team’s idea. In the original, the BFG speaks in an accent which is colloquial or folk or regional. The creative team thought the Indian equivalent should be Bhojpuri and I went with that.
You had met Spielberg when he visited India three years ago. Tell us something you remembered about him while dubbing for this film.
That he is a remarkable filmmaker and someone who has always brought fresh ideas and creativity to his work.How difficult is it to lend your voice for a character when you’re not enacting the part?I think what you look for is the character’s behaviour when you watch the film. His actions, movements, voice quality and how he behaves in a particular scene… after that, you incorporate all that in your dubbing.You are revered for your baritone and performance. Which actors do you look up to for their voice?This bit about ‘baritone’ and voice quality has been played out far beyond reality. There is no such reverence that you talk about. I have a voice just like any other voices in our profession. Each one has their own particular and popular quality and identity. I admire all.The Big Friendly Giant’, presented by Reliance Entertainment in India, releases today in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.