The long-expected wedding ceremony of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was a real surprise for fans as well as for the friends of the couple.


The wedding of the most popular and beautiful couple in Hollywood was very modest and family. Besides their six neat children the event was attended by the parents, brothers and sisters of the groom, as well as the bride’s younger brother. Brad found a way to honor Angelina’s mother, who, unfortunately, died of cancer in 2007.

At the altar the actor set at a special stone engraved with the name of Marcheline Bertrand on it. So the memory became a so-called invisible witness an important event.

Western press reports that their wedding Brad and Angie decided to play only at the children’s request. And they were the main ceremony participants. In addition to wedding dresses, the kids helped to write wedding vows for parents.

A 10-year-old Pax participated in the cake preparation. “It was an unusual situation. It was like if all eight of us were getting married” – said Angelina.However, there are some gossips that not everyone was happy.

The rumors have told that a tailor named Luigi Massey was against such an active child participation.

He was just furious when learned that a lot of children’s drawings were done on the exquisite wedding dress, made according to Donatella Versace’s personal design. However, his opinion was not taken into account, because the couple had found the idea very original. “Vivienne, Knox, and indeed all six of our children are great artists – Jolie said. –

What could be a better place for the expression of their creative talents than my dress? “A few days ago it became known that Brad had done an incredible “pre-wedding” gift for his adored bride. – He bought the exclusive gold watch of H. Stern, which cost nearly $ 400 thousand.

source: funkeeper.net