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Ashutosh Rana’s role in ‘Shorgul’ inspired by Gandhi’s principles

Actor Ashutosh Rana will essay a political figure, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s principles, in the forthcoming film ‘Shorgul’. A 24 FPS Films Production, the Jimmy Sheirgill and Ashutosh-starrer speaks of intolerance and aspires to make audiences contemplate where humanity stands amidst the noise of religious, social, political and economic prejudice. “I am the voice of ‘Shorgul’ and it’s the most important part of the film. The voice of true democracy is eliminating any form of intolerance. Mahatma Gandhi is not a person but a voice that has survived through the generations with a very strong set of values,” Ashutosh said in a statement. “I’m driving across a message of standing out amidst the noise of intolerance through a united front that doesn’t imply that one needs to resort to violence to make a difference, all one needs is love and humanity,” he added.

 Also featuring Sanjay Suri , Narendra Jha, Hiten Tejwani, Eijaz Khan, Suha Gezen, Anirudh Dave and Deepraj Rana, the film will touch upon grave subjects that have transpired in the recent past such as Muzaffarnagar, Godhra, Babri Masjid riots apart from making references to bureaucratic misdoings, mind games and controversial master strokes of some high profile dignitaries.
Co-directed by Jitendra Tiwari and P. Singh, the lyrics have been penned by senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal. ‘Shorgul’ is set to release on June 24.

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