Skin is the largest organ of one’s body and the most visible too. So if you provide your skin with insufficient hydration you can get dry and lustre less skin. Sip a lot of water throughout the day to get moist and supple skin. Drinking in small quantities ‘n’ number of times is a better option than just gulping few glasses at one g

1 Sleep:

Proper sleep can not only make you feel fresh and lively throughout the day but can also help you look good. We have noticed that lack of sleep results in puffy eyes having dark circles. Not only that, poor sleep can also be the cause of premature aging. According to a research centre, the facial muscles relax while we sleep which helps in smoothening the lines as well as the wrinkles. This aids in skin rejuvenation.

Every adult must sleep for 8 hours daily, because it not only improves the skin’s condition but also has a deep impact on the overall health.

2 Fats:

Omega fatty acids are helpful for our health but we can’t produce it ourselves. So we need to ensure we obtain omega fats from an external source. The natural sources of these omega fatty acids are salmon, walnut, coconut, flax seed and avocado.

These fatty acids do have a vital role to play for the health of the heart and brain, and can give us healthy skin and hair. They also have anti-inflammatory properties along with keeping the skin’s moisture barriers soft and healthy. Omega fatty acids are referred to as ‘healthy fats’ because these fatty acids are not only fatty but also have positive benefits on our health.

3 Exfoliation:

Getting radiant skin is not such a tough task as you may think apparently. Simple scrubbing the skin can help you get rid of dead and dull skin cells. You can use a cream scrub or even a soft loofah for exfoliation which can slough away the dead skin cells which accumulate on the surface of the skin. Dead skin cells can dull the appearance of one’s skin and trap the healthy and radiant skin.


So, you need to exfoliate at least one day every week so that the upper layer of dead skin cells gets removed. Exfoliation also can stimulate the growth of new cells and help you achieve a radiant luminescent complexion.


Regular mositurizing of skin also is very important as moisturizers after shower help us retain the skin’s water content thus, helping the skin glow. It also is very important to note that the good quality moisturizer is a better option as will offer a variety to suit different skin tones and types. Moisturization will help the skin look radiant, thus boosting confidence in women.

I hope the above mentioned tips on dull skin can help you to get a fresh dewy complexion. Also you should massage your facial skin once or twice a week which helps in improving the blood circulation. And you can also try a steam facial to cleanse the skin thoroughly. This will make the skin free of toxins and cosmetics which can cause damage.