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Best Movies to Watch this Halloween

Movies are always our friend and we would like any kind of movie suiting our mood any day. But to the majority of the people if we seek for a vote, we find that horror movies are the genre which are leading the list.

Evolving from an ancient Gaelic festival named Samhain, modern Halloween has become more of an enjoyment and less about ghouls and spirits. The ancient Celtics believed that the transition between the seasons was the bridge to the world of the dead and celebrated it at the beginning of winter. Over the centuries, the day has moved away from pagan rituals to mass merriment, costumes, candies, and parades. The word horror originates from the Latin word horrere, meaning shudder, or hair standing on the end. It was actually from Gothic literature that the horror movie genre found inspiration, the first horror movie The Haunted Castle was made in 1896, by Georges Melies.

But it was only in the 1960s that the horror movie Psycho shocked the audiences and made them believe that horror movies are more than just B-grade films. And the best way to commemorate Halloween is by watching some of the best horror flicks, given below is a list of movies suitable for every audience.

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Top 10 Horror Flicks for Kids

Top 10 Classic Horror Flicks

Psycho (1960)

Basic Plot: The classic shower scene from the movie will be etched in the American psyche for generations to come. When an exhausted woman takes a night stop in a deserted motel she is met with the nervous but smiling innkeeper, who later turns out to be a psychotic killer dealing with mommy issues.

Night of The Living Dead (1968)

Basic Plot: An inspiration for an all-new genre of zombie flicks, this movie shows the zombie apocalypse taking over the Earth and several people barricade themselves in a rural house. Outside, they are surrounded by ever-hungry zombies out to get them.

The Exorcist (1973)

Basic Plot: A cult take on demonic possession, the movie revolves around a young girl being possessed by a demonic entity, and the various malicious signs that occur around her during her possession. Exorcism is the only solution, and the demon will take whatever it is to stop it. Its dramatic and disturbing and will be advisable not to watch it with kids.

Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972)

Basic Plot: A classic cult setter of horror slash flicks of the ’70s, the movie follows the proto-slasher as he goes on a killing spree in a mansion. The film has all the elements of a holiday theme, Gothic style focus on an eerie house, the menacing phone calls, the shrouded killer, a female victim, and a tragic past.

The Omen (1976)

Basic Plot: A classic cult, it revolves around a creepy child termed to be the child of Satan, the father of the child has everything obstructing his way when he discovers the truth and wants the child dead. There is an evil nanny who protects the child, and the unexplainable deaths of everyone who comes in the way of the demon spawn is worth a watch.

Suspiria (1977)


Basic Plot: An American girl lands up in Germany to attend a prestigious dance school but soon finds that something is amiss when her classmates start to die one by one. The school is hiding a terrible secret; which if exposed, will have all the teachers dead too. Watch to find out.