1. Cetaphil Bar:

This is a widely recommended product for adults and children. Cetaphil bar soap is extremely mild, and has a great moisturising property that helps hydrate the driest of skins and displays quick results. This is why this is considered among the best dry skin soaps ever.

2. Dove Cream Bar:

Dove Cream Bar, as the name suggests, is an extremely creamy bathing/cleaning bar that moisturises the skin and provides overall hydration to dry skin. The bar has a strong scent attached to it that lingers long after use, thus, you don’t need additional fragrance substance.


3. The Body Shop Shea Butter:

The soap from ‘The Body Shop’ is a vegetable-based soap that is perfect for dry skin. The Shea butter ingredient adds extra smoothness and softness, providing enough moisture to your skin. Also, the soap comes with a fresh, creamy scent that is not overpowering but pleasant.

4. The Bombay Store Cinnamon Soap:

The Bombay Store’s Cinnamon Soap is a good buy, as it naturally soothes, moisturises and removes traces of dryness. The soap has a woody fragrance and is warm and soothing. It also contains natural antiseptic properties with other main ingredients like jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, cinnamon essential oil and others, which are all good for treating dry skin.


5. Olay White Bar Ultra moisture with Shea Butter:

Olay has always been great for issues pertaining to dry skin. The Ultra moisture bar with Shea butter is good for dry skin, as it is a major ingredient in fighting dryness. This dry skin soap moisturizes well and does not leave behind any greasy texture.


6. Lush Porridge Soap:

Lush is one of those renowned brands that most people swear by. Out of all their amazing products, their soaps are some of the best that the company offers.The Lush Porridge Soap has a delicious, sweet and citrusy scent, with a tiny hint of orange juice. The lather is extremely milky, soft and luxurious; also, it offers moisturising on dry skin.