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Biopics do not interest Imran Khan

Imran Khan, who was last seen in ‘Katti Batti’ (2015) alongsideKangana Ranaut, says that he never follows trends, especially when it comes to doing films. Everyone, including his maternal uncle has been working on biopics, these days, however Imran says that he has never thought of working in a filmbecause it talks about something specific or if all are following it. While now it’s biopics, films based on sports and social issues swept over Bollywood some time back.The actor only sings a film if the script interests him and not because it is an ongoing trend. He also feels that more and more are working on biopics as it is proven to be a hit formula; however he feels that genre had got nothing to do with his choice of films. In fact, he also says that he is a lot into fiction and there is no one who has really inspired him in real life, whom he would like to bring to life on the screen. More than characters inspired by real life people, Imran likes human drama. It is the relationship between people, their struggles and issues in life that really interests him.