Good actors doing bad movies is an unavoidable reality. After all, a film can get rolling with the best of intentions, but that doesn’t always translate into great results. And for an actor, poor choice of projects, in hindsight, can also lead to a lifetime of regret. hitlist gives you a lowdown on a few disastrous roles that might still be making the stars shudder….

Ram Kapoor

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Film: ‘Humshakals’ (2014)

Tsk tsk: Another haunted Kapoor makes it to this list. Well known for his stint in television, Ram Kapoor has managed to squeeze himself into the collective conscience of soap junkies.

There is no doubt that he is a brilliant actor, but if you haven’t had the honour of having watched the Sajid Khan ‘entertainer’, you’d be better off only knowing that he went terribly wrong in a sarong. Although he outdoes his co-stars in his acting abilities, his efforts go unnoticed, thanks to the meh script.

Akshay Kumar

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Film: ‘Joker’ (2012)

Tsk tsk: While we can give this actor a pat on the back for managing to give us at least four films a year, usually there is just one out of them that is worth watching.

In 2012, Akshay signed up for the Shirish Kunder film that gave critics a healthy outlet for their pent up frustrations. For the audience, too, the hangover lasted stubbornly for a really long time. But post this disaster, calm was restored when Akki returned with OMG: Oh My God! (2012).

Ajay Devgn

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Film: ‘Himmatwala’ (2013)

Tsk tsk: While it has been noticed that all Bollywood biggies have succumbed to the obscure charm of featuring in South remakes, only a few have managed to stay afloat in their endeavour.

Trapped in the remake of another unimaginable screenplay was Ajay Devgn in this completely forgettable movie.

Vidya Balan

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Film: ‘Ghanchakkar’ (2013)

Tsk tsk: Vidya Balan and her co-star Emraan Hashmi kicked up a storm with ‘The Dirty Picture’, but as soon as ‘Ghanchakkar’ hit the marquee, their fans felt devastated as if hit by a hurricane.

While this year Emraan can blame the special effects team for any shortcomings in his invisible act, Vidya can be seen struggling to break away from her image of a lone ranger stuck in a “man’s world”. Her work affirms that she does not act to set the cash registers ringing, but with ‘Ghanchakkar’ the actress left many in doubt.

Ranbir Kapoor

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Film: ‘Besharam’ (2013)

Tsk tsk: Let your sense of humour guide you through the timeline of this actor’s stint in the industry. Ranbir managed to give one hit after another, until he signed Besharam, after which he literally disappeared.

Yes, he did appear in ‘Bhoothnath Returns’ (2014) but as himself. As for his role in ‘PK’, the casting director perhaps comprehended the director’s brief in literal sense: “We need an alien”. And Ranbir it was for alienating the industry.

Katrina Kaif

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Film: ‘Boom’ (2003)

Tsk tsk: Not all actors have had it easy and the ones who have will never escape the burden of living up to the expectations of a demanding audience.

Nevertheless, after having been elevated to the upper rungs of stardom, Kat must be turning back in horror to that day in September of 2003 when Boom released. She may have got off on the wrong foot, and might still be shuddering at the thought of it, but Katrina has successfully worked her way to the top.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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Film: ‘Kick’ (2014)

Tsk tsk: An offbeat actor kidnapped and brought on to the set of a mainstream film and is left with no option but to laugh uncontrollably at the irony of the situation that he is in.

If you have watched ‘Bollywood actors and their disastrous film choicesKick’, you would relate to this allegory. Remove the innovative laugh and you have an actor who looks completely lost on an eager audience which patiently waits for him to leave his mark and gives up at the end of 140-odd minutes.