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Colour your mane like a computer screen

If ombre hues dominated 2014, this year, the catchphrase for hairstylists around the world is the unique dye technique — pixelated hair colour.

It means dyeing sections of hair in such a way that it creates a pixelated screen effect, a classic 80s video game style.

The dye is applied in vivid square blocks through large or small sections of the hair. The colouring technique can either be subtle, using tones similar to your natural hair colour, or much more daring, like clashing neon shades.

Created by Spanish hair colourists Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo, and Jorge Cancer, it’s being done in salons across the world, from Spain and London to New York.

The style, which took months of research to develop, is being described as ‘an innovative colouring process that achieves a new chromatic dimension and colour pixelated effect on the hair, while playing with movement and transforming these textures into the appearance of the pixel effect’.

This look works best on short, straight and structured styles. After a beauty brand endorsed it, the look gained attention on a photo-sharing site, where people started posting their own versions of the dyed look.