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Diljit Dosanj, Alia Bhatt in a jam!

The duo don’t share screen space in their upcoming film, Udta Punjab, but have collaborated musically on the actresses’s favourite track, `Ikk Kudi’
Alia Bhatt who plays a Bihari immigrant and hockey player in her upcoming film Udta Punjabpoints out that even though she is sharing screen space with thr ee other actors -Shahid Kapoor,Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh -she doesn’t share her story with them.”We’re four different lives bound by one connection – Punjab.
It was an extremely difficult film with an intense subject but it’s a story that needs to be told,” says the 23-yearold-actress who is gung-ho about ‘Ikk Kudi’ which she describes as the most melodious track in the film.The original Amit Trivedi composition has been sung by Shahid Mallya and appears in the film. A reprised version crooned by Diljit has been released, with “rock star Diljit” introducing Alia’s reel life avatar. The duo later collaborated musically on a third version which is yet to be released and also shot for a music video on July 6 at a popular watering hole in Versova dressed up to resemble an underground garage-band set.
Alia, dressed in all-black denims cut off at the knees, recorded the single in her inimitable style with Diljit guiding her through it. “He toured London recently and jam ming with him was fun. The video gave me a chance to interact with him as we don’t have any scenes together in the film. I want to see how his fans react to us singing together.He is a far more beautiful singer,” she winks, admitting that some day she’d like to release an entire album of her songs and she would want to remembered as an actress-singer rather than for her fashion choices, parties and other trivialities.