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Dr MSG: Action comes easy to me, but romance is tough

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan, popularly known as Dr MSG, is all set for the release of his next film, ‘MSG Lion Heart — 2 Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab’. Interestingly, it was a journalist who inspired him to make the movie, which is based on India’s surgical strike against Pakistan.
He says, “During a press conference of my previous movie, a journalist suggested that I make a film on the surgical strike. I liked the idea and decided to go ahead before someone else made a movie on the same subject. It’s important that the brave deeds by our army men are not forgotten. I completed the project within a month.”

Dr MSG has directed the film along with his daughter. He says, “I have around 42 credits to my name in the film, but this time around, my daughter Honey Preet Insaan has co-directed it with me. My daughter has 21 credits, be it in acting or direction.”
However, the credit for his new look, he says, is solely his. “My daughters did a lot of online research, but did not like anything. Finally, I said, ‘How about keeping the beard like this and the moustache this way?’ They were very impressed when they saw me and said, ‘Papa, we are so proud of you. This is a look we couldn’t even dream of’,” he says.

The action flick will also see Dr MSG romancing on screen for the first time. He says, “Action comes extremely easy to me, but romance is tough. However, the youth wants to see romance, and it also makes it easier to get the message across.”

Any plans of acting alongside established actresses? “I have not thought about it (laughs). But, the other day, I overheard my daughters say it would be amazing if Papaji made a music album with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. So, yes that would be nice. I am open to acting with anyone.”