Emraan Hashmi:, Azhar ,and, Dhoni, can't be ,compared
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Emraan Hashmi: Azhar and Dhoni can’t be compared

After his last film ‘Azhar’ failed to gauge audience’s attention, Emraan Hashmi went into his nutshell and avoided the spotlight. However, the actor is now comfortable talking about what might have worked for the film per se. Speaking to Filmfare magazine, Emraan was quoted saying that most people still regard Azhar as a controversial guy and they see him in a grey zone, which could have been the reasons why the film didn’t live up to its expectations.Meanwhile, talking about the upcoming biopic ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’, Emraan revealed how the two idols can never be compared. “I haven’t followed Dhoni’s life much. I see Azhar and Dhoni as two different individuals. One is perceived as a ‘fallen hero’ and the other is a star and worshipped as an idol. The two can’t be compared. A large section of the audience falls between the age group of 15 – 35. That category of the audience couldn’t relate to Azhar because they have not grown up watching him. The same section of the audience has watched Dhoni play and are familiar with his career. So somewhere, the Dhoni film has an edge