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Emraan Hashmi wants to produce docu-drama on his book

Actor Emraan Hashmi’s book ‘The Kiss of Life’, was released recently. The book, that talks about the difficulties and emotional challenges faced by him and his family as they battled his son Ayaan’s cancer, deeply moved his uncle Mahesh Bhatt.
Emraan reportedly said at the event that he and his uncle had a long conversation about the book. His book, that was initially released in English, will soon be released in Hindi and Marathi as well, thereby multiplying its reach to many more people in the country.
Emraan will be taking up the mantle of a producer and will make his book into a documentary drama. He reportedly said in an interview that he was hoping that he would be able to produce the movie himself. Since the format of ‘The Kiss of Life’, will not allow it to be made into a full-length feature film, Emraan reportedly said that he was looking at making a documentary-drama. This would also showcase parts of his and his son’s life.