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Genelia D’souza praises husband Riteish Deshmukh’s film ‘Banjo

Actress Genelia Deshmukh has praised the forthcoming film “Banjo” starring her actor husband Riteish Deshmukh. “Finally watched ‘Banjo’…missed these kinds of films for so long. The warmth, the love, the thrills but most importantly Mumbai at its best,” Genelia tweeted.The 29-year-old actress also shared that the film made her see Riteish like she had never imagined. “‘Banjo’ made me see Riteish Deshmukh like I’d never imagined..Special… Proud Baiko (wife)…The rest at home where I can be pompous and proud,” she added.”The cast Nargis Fakhri beautiful, Dharmesh superb , Ram and Aditya too good,, Mahesh Shetty really nice and everyone else super ‘Banjo’,” Genelia posted. Directed by Marathi film director Ravi Jadhav, the film focuses on Banjo – street music of Mumbai – and its players. It traces journey of one such player, and how he tries to make it big in the music world with his talent after he meets Nargis’s character who is a New York based DJ.