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Happy Birthday Salman Khan: Don’t know how to dance? No worries, Salman can make even Pappu dance

Salman Khan’s steps are not meant for great dancers. They are meant for those born with two left feet. Yes, for all those Pappu’s and their upset girlfriends, we bring you Salman’s famous hook steps which can make you a great dancer overnight. And also, if you were worried about what to do on New Year’s Eve, you are sorted. On the star’s 51st birthday, here are your favourite numbers of the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor.This song doesn’t play in any discotheque anymore but the step’s shelf life hasn’t got over. Hold your belt, move it like Salman but add swag to it like Govinda. Well, innovation is always a smart option, right? What are you waiting for, try and let us know if it worked.Yeah, agreed you can’t take your eyes offJacqueline Fernandez but to have someone like as pretty as her you might have to be a perfect one in every aspect. So, let’s start a bit from dancing. The song from Kick has a different fun altogether. Own a girl by making her smile, must have heard this right?Do we need to tell you about it? I don’t think so. Oh Oh Jaane Jaana is one of the iconic songs you will think about when anyone mentions Salman Khan. And of course, we all love him shirtless, don’t we?Now Pandeyji had his game in control. First that thing with his belt and then he decided to move his belly too. While Kareena Kapoor looks amazing in this song, Salman’s joy while doing the step is unmissable too.Now this is yet another iconic song. This song from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. Well, who thought a towel step could become most favourite step for his fans. A perfect song to perform at your friend’s wedding.The dance number that’s not going to die anytime soon, Dhinka Chika a recreated version of a Telugu song is meant for you if your body is too stiff. You can’t bend, can’t sway, so don’t sweat all you got to do is Dhinka Chika.A new step, but advanced too. This is for all those who believe they can do anything and would not be scared to try the hook step. But beware, you might be considered a pervert if you perform this step in a general space.Style, attitude, action – this song marked Salman’s comeback to the industry after back-to-back bad performances at the box office. This song brought back the star’s lost fame, increased his fan following and well, created a Jalwa altogether. In that time in fact, the step became a status statement.