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Here are office makeup looks for the season

Corporate lunch
A hint of peachy blush will add freshness to a dull afternoon. Outline your lips with a lip pencil in a corresponding shade and fill it in with a creamy matte lipstick in the same shade. You can choose from colours like light pink, peach, nude or even a lighter shade of brown. Thinly outline the eyes. Don’t go too high on your eye makeup.

Dinner party
An office party or post-work drinks allow one to bring a little drama to your look. Do a winged cat-eye and keep the liner thick on the lower inner rims as well. Use a pink lip gloss to finish off.

Boardroom presentation
Highlight one of your features, either the lips or eyes. For instance, your lips bright and let your eyes have the bare minimum of colour. If red is too bright for you, pick lip colours like plum or burgundy.

Dos and don’ts
– Stick to neutral colours for a corporate office environment
– Don’t overdo the colours and compact
– Opt for blushers in colours like rose and apricot. For Indian women, indigo blue, browns and grey are great in eye shadows and liners.
– Don’t wear yellow-tinged colours like coral and fuchsia, since they could make your teeth appear yellow
– Keep the foundation to a minimum
– For an alert look, don’t forget the mascara and curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before stepping out
– Air-conditioned environments are dehydrating on the skin. So, always keep lip balm and hand lotion handy in your bag