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Here’s how Vidya Balan’s Hamari Adhuri Kahani resets the clock for Women’s Rights by 10 years!

So Hamari Adhuri Kahani has released in theatres. If you haven’t made up your mind on watching the film then read our review. Even though the film is technically weak and has a sloppy story as a sorry excuse for a film script, what set our alarm ringing is the way Suri treats his women in the film.

Here are 4 ways how Vidya Balan’s character of Vasudha sets the clock back in time for anyone who believes in women’s rights and gender equality:

My mangalsutra is my weapon of choice!

If we count the number of times the camera zooms into a paranoid Vidya clutching on to hermangalsutra and shedding those tears, we would make some sort of a world record. In fact for Vasudha, her mangalsutra is like those divine shanikavach pendants they sell on TSN at night. The one with tacky special effects where your life is magically transformed after hearing Alok Nath convince you that this shall offer you the ultimate Nirvana! The mangalsutra is a metaphor for her entrapment in a marriage that no longer exists, and she places it in front of the Radha-Krishna idol when she’s moonlighting as a florist. Really now ?

My place is at my husband/lovers/any man in my vicinity’s feet!

The scene that took the cake for me was when she falls at Emraan Hashmi’s feet to thank him for saving her husband who we are told is falsely accused. If worshipping the abusive patidev wasn’t enough, falling at your lovers feet is the classic example of the adage ‘a women’s place is at her husband’s feet’. Sigh!

Forget sex even thinking of another man is a holy SIN!

During the course of the film, Emraan creepily asks Vidya to send him her ‘selfies’ for his ‘company’s magazine’ (which never makes its glossy appearance )! There is a scene where Vidya semi pouts pushes her hair back and does her as-sexy-as-a-florist can get selfie pose. Even though her heart blooms each time Emraan broodingly stares at her, the presence of that damnmangalsutra reminds her that to yearn for another is a sin! Funnily enough Suhasini Mulay turns up playing an old woman who tells Vidya ‘itne jaldi thandi ho gayi ?’ She’s basically asking her to sex her life up, unfortunately Vidya’s devotion to her abusive husband wins over her carnal desires.

How could a woman save my life ?

A sexist scene pops up early on when the smoke detectors in the hotel Emraan is staying goes off. There’s an evacuation, but Vidya remembers that her loverboy is sleeping in his penthouse suit and might get killed in the fire. Heaving and panting she manages to reach his room to find that the whole exercise was a mock drill. Before she can go WTF, Emraan tells his security head ‘ek auraat ko mujhe bachana pada‘! So if you are a woman and ever think of saving a life, warn you that Emraan might go ‘hell to the no!’ on you!