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How to get children to brush their teeth.

Teaching children to brush their teeth regularly is very important for good dental hygiene. However, it is definitely not an easy task. Some children happily take on the toothbrush for the first time but soon lose interest. As parents, it is our duty to get the children to brush their teeth every day no matter how much time it takes running behind them.

How to choose a toothbrush and toothpaste:-

You child’s toothbrush should have soft bristles so that they are not very hard on her gums. The head of the brush should be small as this will make it easier for the child to move the brush around in her mouth.

Children cannot spit the toothpaste after brushing. It is therefore important to buy a toothpaste which has no fluoride or very less fluoride. Also, make sure you put only a pea size amount of paste on the brush.

How to get children to brush their teeth:-

Brushing should not look like a task to your child. Make it play and fun time for her and show her that it’s equally enjoyable for you too. You have to keep her interested in the process!

Keep 2-3 toothbrushes at home with different designs and colors. Let her choose her favorite toothbrush of the day. You can keep some options for toothpastes too
Sing a song and make it part of every day brushing routine. This way she will also know how long to brush her teeth – till the song ends.
Tell her a story that involves brushing teeth to keep her engaged while she brushes; if the child cannot manage it on her own, you can help her brush her teeth.
Let her brush your teeth with your toothbrush while you brush hers. Remember, everyone uses their own toothbrush
Show her how she can make bubbles. This will keep her interested and will also ensure that she brushes properly.
Bring her favorite doll or stuff toy along so that they can together brush their teeth.
Brush with them. She might find it fun to brush her teeth together with mummy and daddy.
Always praise your child for brushing her teeth. This will make her happy and motivated to try again the next time.
Get your child into the habit of brushing twice every day – early morning before or after breakfast and at night before going to bed. Let her brush her teeth on her own and then, once she’s done, brush them yourself and make sure you reach all corners.

If you still have a tough time making your child brush her teeth, buy her picture books that show how to brush properly. Or a book that shows the daily morning routine including brushing, etc. If this also does not work, take her to the dentist and let him tell her to brush. If you child goes to a play school, talk to her teacher and let her explain the child the importance of brushing.