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Hrithik’s collboration for a channel to air five of his films

It was recently reported that a television channel has inked a deal to amount of Rs 550 crores win order to air his next six films on their channel. However, it has now come to pss that in actuality, that story is not entirely true. Hrithik has not just “signed a `550 crore deal” but is actually going into partnership with the channel Star India for his forthcoming films. And their deal commences not in 2017 as reported in the news item, but rather, with the actor’s next film Mohenjo Daro which releases in August this year. Also, Hrithik’s collaboration with Star India is for five films, and not six films as stated in the report. Hrithik reportedly confirmed this by stating, “Yes, I have collaborated with Star. They are my partners on my next five movies.” The partnership begins with Ashutosh Gowariker’s period film Mohenjo Daro then goes on to Hrithik’s home production Kaabil which Sanjay Gupta directs. As Hrithik has not inked any other film at the moment his partnership with Star India is at the moment valid for only two films.