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International affairs – American dream with Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana travelled through the American cities of Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Seattle, and Vancouver, in the state of Washington, for a musical concert from July 5 to 27. He was accompanied by his band, sound technicians and core team with the entourage driving from Seattle to Vancouver for the final leg of the tour.

Home to Hollywood and his two fave musicians, Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry, the US is currently buzzing over the upcoming presidential election and its two star contenders – Republican candidate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat face.

Over to Ayushmann, who took in the cuisine, music and diaspora in the United States of America:


The crowd at my shows comprised of mostly Indians, loads of Pakistanis, and a bunch of firangs. It varied depending on the diaspora population in the region. We got the best crowds at Houston, San Jose, Los Angeles and Dallas. Desis keep in touch with their roots through cricket and cinema. I interacted with loads of NRI fans during the meet-and-greet sessions after every gig. Those in the Bay Area were the most interesting. One of our best performances was at San Jose where I also visited the Google and Facebook headquarters.
My headlining song, “Paani Da Rang”, was the most popular number everywhere. I sang two versions of it- the rock and the dhol. It always sets the crowd buzzing. I feared that the LA crowd would be the hardest to please but desis even in California were mast.


The American music industry is huge.Their musicians and artistes are as big as Hollywood stars. It’s only in India that actors supersede everyone else.Even intellectual property rights are stronger in the US.


I don’t travel light. And if you’re on a month-long tour and have to make a lot of public appearances, there’s no way you can travel light. I always carry my perfumes, running shoes, portable speakers, eye mask and neck pillow along. I’m more of a traveller than a tourist but I love the vibe of LA and bought some souvenirs from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.I also shopped for my signature white shoes which I wear for every performance and bought a Yamaha travel mini-guitar for myself. It sounds like a dream and looks really sexy.The next time I go to LA, I’m going to record a song in one of the studios there and will make sure to programme and arrange it locally. I also want to collaborate with a local street rapper. I did it this time in Toronto