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Irrfan: You have to continously reinvent yourself in Hollywood

Many Bollywood actors have done Hollywood films but IrrfanKhan has carved a space for himself in the industry. He says, “Hollywood keeps you alert. You have to reinvent yourself otherwise they will not forgive you.”Many of Irrfan’s films are based on books and he enjoys the fact that it is exciting to do such films. The actor admits that he has to work hard to keep his popularity. He says, “Other actors can be remembered just for their star value but we on the other hand have to keep surprising viewers by our film choices. I cannot rely on a formula.”Irrfan who has done many TV shows in his career does not feel that the content on TV will change anytime soon. “Our TV is catering to a certain section of the audience and we want to play the same game.”With Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone playing glamorous roles in Hollywood films, Irrfan goes on to add that “they may be play glam roles but they are also big actresses and they will bring in diversity with their roles. They have just started their work in Hollywood.”