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Is high class living the number 1 cause for deterioration of health?

Modern amenities like cars, television sets, washing machines, mixers , computers are linked to increased sitting time, lower physical activity, obesity and diabetes. This does not stand true only for India but also for other countries. This was confirmed by a recent study involving nearly 1,53,996 people from 1,07,599 households. The study was conducted in countries like Canada, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, China, Colombia, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

The results showed that owning even one household device (Car or TV or computer) was associated with increased chances of obesity and diabetes. However, there are ways you can reduce your chances.

You can reduce sitting time and do physical activity even at work places by:

– Redesigning work spaces to include standing desks
– Making use of staircases instead of lifts
– Conducting small-group meetings while walking

If not hitting the gym, you can have an active lifestyle at home. For example, take a brisk 5-10 minutes walk in the early morning while buying the daily newspaper, milk or taking your dog for a walk. Make that change today before life forces you to make that change!

Our ancestors were more physically active than we are. And even the older generations followed the pattern to a greater extent. They did a lot of physical activities like drawing water from well, ploughing fields, walking for long hours , so they were very healthy and active even in their eighties.

In today’s modern world, children choose computer over playing in open playgrounds. They eat junk foods and rarely walk as they go to schools in cars. We should draw a line between modernization and traditional work habits.

Enjoy the luxuries of life but make sure you don’t overuse it!

Lifestyle Diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease tend to increase with increasing wealth and only way to prevent it is by doing exercise regularly and following a healthy diet.

With contribution from: Dr. Sumeet Sethi, Sr. Consultant – Interventional Cardiology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi

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