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John Abraham: Working-out is a full-time occupation for me

John Abraham says that working out for him is not an option, but a full-time occupation and that is why he has always managed to maintain a healthy and fit body. He shared some details on hisdiet and reportedly said, “I follow a very strict diet. The days when I allow myself to indulge are very few. I don’t see any reason to do that, because the food I eat is amazing. The idea is to check the nutritional value attached to your food, so a piece of fruit with natural sugar is far better than a dessert. I like vegetarian food, but I eat egg white and fish, as I need lots of protein to maintain my physique, and that is not possible on a strictly vegetarian diet. When I was working on ‘Force’, I had to put on some weight. So my diet would include oatmeal for breakfast and almost 30 eggs a day. But otherwise, my weight never fluctuates, and I ensure my diet is balanced. I eat a lot of proteins, but I haven’t totally cut out carbs.”John shared that he prefers home-cooked food and his breakfast is a wholesome meal with lentils, quinoa salad, some fish, or jowar or bajre ki roti with rajma, or masoor or moong dal. He was quoted as saying in a report, “Dinner is sometimes fruit and pulses, and I often have tea with honey. I don’t eat carbs after 4 in the evening. Discipline is important if you want to acquire the body you desire.” John loves Parsi cuisine and food from Kerala. “I am very fond of food from Kerala: Puttus, appams. Puttu is among my favourite dishes. I like my puttu with coconut milk. As a kid, I remember eating Dhansak, Patra-ni-Macchi and Prawn Patia at Parsi weddings. But my mother cooked very good vegetarian food. Her karela, seasoned with chilli powder and cooked in ginger-garlic paste, onions and tomatoes, is delicious. I ate a lot of vegetarian food when I was young: palak dal and masoor dal, particularly when cooked the Parsi way. We would have channa atta omelettes (chilla) for breakfast. Dhansak dal, Chicken Farcha, Salli Boti were also staples. My mom makes the most amazing avial and baingan ka bharta.”