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Kaamal Haasan wants to follow in the footsteps of Marlon Brando, Ganesan and Dilip Kumar

He may have starred in more films than his age, however, veteran actor Kamal Haasan confesses he is not as regular with watching films. In an interview with Hindustan Times, the actor admitted that he is not as regular when it comes to watching films, “I believe that once you start writing, you can’t read, and when you start making films, the number of movies you watch goes down.” And he laments the fact too, ” There are so many films that I haven’t seen. I hear about them from my friends and industry members ,” he adds.What about any recent Hindi films he would like to star in? He says, “If I feel like I have missed out on being part of one, then I remake it in Tamil” he laughs, saying he appeases himself this way. Tell him that the variety of roles he has done in films such as Vishwaroopam (2013), Dasavatharam ( 2008) and even the older ones like Hindustani (1996) and Chachi 420 (1997) have set him apart from his co-stars, he shrugs and says it’s no big deal, “”I have seen legends like Marlon Brando, Dilip Kumar and Shivaji Ganesan do this all the time. At times, with only limited make-up, they have played such different characters. I’m just following them, and moving in that direction,”Meanwhile, the veteran actor is set to revive a rather popular character from his previous films, in a yet untitled trilingual project alongside daughter Shruti Haasan. To be directed by Rajeev Kumar, the film will feature Haasan and his daughter Shruti Haasan as father-daughter for the first time on the screen.