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Kangana Ranaut dethrones Deepika Padukone to become Bollywood’s new reigning QUEEN!

Kangana Ranaut’s repertoire of films is getting stronger by the day. And it is not her choices of films alone, the actress is also making great statements and moves that are only taking her closer to the Numero Uno position in Bollywood. Like in 2014, this year too Kangana Ranaut has proved that she is definitely the Queen of Bollywood. Only recently, Piku’s great box office numbers had made Deepika Padukone take the throne but was usurped by Kangana with Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Her brilliant performance, coupled with a great storyline and some hilarious punches, the film has rocked the box office and is continuing to do so. This proves that Kangana has now dethroned Deepika. And here’s how Kangana managed to do so…

Box office speaks

Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a success for a lot of reasons, but Kangana Ranaut is definitely the one who attracted more applause. And why wouldn’t she? The film opening day collections is far better than Deepika Padukone’s Piku. While TWMR earned 8 crore, Piku managed a decent 5.5 crores on its first day which makes it clear that it’s Kangana who is the queen of Bollywood this year and not Deepika Padukone. It has already crossed Piku’s opening weekend collection and is enroute to earn some more!

The right choice 

While Deepika kept on harping on My Choice, Kangana made the right choices. In an interview to DNA, she spoke about how she rejected The Dirty Picture for Tanu Weds Manu and is right now reaping the benefits of that decision. She took a risk and, fortunately, it paid off! It has also to do with Deepika’s interest in being part of socially viral videos which at one point of time backfired. While Kangana’s Microsoft commercial went viral and won her more brownie points. The fact that Kangana turned down a fairness cream’s deal because she found it all wrong only went on to fetch her more followers!

Do what is needed

When Piku released and warmed everyone’s hearts, the story of the film got a lot of appreciation apart from Deepika Padukone whereas all people can talk about Tanu Weds Manu Returns is how Kangana has floored everyone. Sometimes all you need to do is stick to your work. Rest is all taken care of!