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Kareena: Contrary to what people think, I’m very clever!

In Lucknow for a UNICEF event,Kareena Kapoor Khan answered questions on topics ranging from films to food.
Like most celebs, who visit the city, Kareena gushed about chikan and Tunday’s, but she added, “Lucknow has always been special for me; I have shot ‘Omkara’ here, which I think is one of my most special films in my career. In fact, for both Saif and me, ‘Omkara’ is special.” She went on, “Lakhnawi food is outstanding! I am a big foodie and Lucknow is known for its food. But garmi ke mausam mein kebabs khana…I don’t think that is the right weather for it. Lucknow wapas aana padega winters mein Tundey ke kebab khaane. I love chikan too. I have a lot of chikan suits. In fact, when Saif was shooting for ‘Bullett Raja’ here, uss time pe unhone shooting ki aur maine shopping.”When asked about whether cinema can help promote social causes, Kareena replied, “Cinema is a form of entertainment. We cannot be preaching. Of course, there are some films with a message, like my next ‘Udta Punjab’. But cinema is meant for people to sit back and enjoy, it can’t be in your face; for that, there are documentaries.” Kareena further said, “If you look at my film ‘3 Idiots’, it was about the flaws in our education system, and it also had a rain song! So, at the end of the day, it was about entertainment!” Impressed by her explanation, when a scribe commented what a clever reply that was, Kareena quipped, “Contrary to what people think about me, I am very clever!”
When asked if ‘Udta Punjab’ will see the light of day, dogged as it was with rumours of being banned, Kareena said, “‘Udta Punjab’ is releasing! It is a difficult topic (of drug addiction), but people are interested in that and they will definitely go and see it.”
ON BEING AN ICON FOR YOUNGSTERS “I want youngsters to look at me for as normal as I am. I am not the Prime Minister of this nation that people should look up to me. I want people to know me as a girl who wanted to fulfil her dreams and who has achieved it. I am as normal as any other girl,” said Kareena, when asked to comment on being an icon for the youth in the country.