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Katrina and Ayan at loggerheads?

News has it, that good friendsKatrina Kaif and Ayan Mukerjiare no longer on good terms. This is obviously owing to her break-up with actor Ranbir Kapoor. According to reports, when Ranbir moved out of their home in Bandra, putting an end to any scope of patch-up, Katrina called up their common friend, Ayan. She pleaded him to ask Ranbir in reconsidering his decision. But Ayan, whose loyalty is known to lie with bestie Ranbir (he has previously also severed ties with Deepika post their break-up), backed out. He said that it was none of his business and that considering Ranbir will star in his next movie, it is better not to contact him anymore. This left Katrina baffled and she was in for a rather unpleasant shock.