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Kelly Rutherford Has Emotional Reunion With Kids 3 Years After Ex Won Full Custody

Kelly was glowing with happiness while soaking up every minute under the sun with Hermes and Helena. In one pic, she carries Helena in her arms while Hermes treks along riding his Razor scooter. They also rode bikes throughout the city and Central Park, with Kelly being very attentive to their safety. In all of the pics, the three of them have larger than life smiles on their faces. So sweet!

Kelly was temporarily awarded sole custody of Hermes and Helena in May. The kids were living in France with their father, after Kelly lost custody of them in 2012 when a judge ruled they should live with their father.

The Gossip Girl actress spoke of her emotional reunion with her kids on The View on July 6, calling it “incredible.” “Helena learned to ride her bike in the park yesterday, so it was really exciting,” she gushed. “It’s incredible, it’s emotional. We’re all a little jet-lagged – but happy.”

 It’s been a long road for Kelly and her kids. She and Daniel filed for divorce in 2008, and initially they had joint custody. However, in 2012 a judge ruled that the kids should live in Monaco with Daniel after his visa to live in the U.S. was revoked. Kelly explained that the kids are currently living with her in New York City for the summer so he can have time to work on his visa.

It’s been a ton of fun for Kelly to have her kids back after so much time apart. In addition to fun in the park, Kelly posted a sweet Instagram picture celebrating Helena’s belated birthday. We’re so happy Kelly reunited with her kids, and we hope things continue to go uphill for her!