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Know the latest addition to Shahid Kapoor’s bucket list!

Shahid Kapoor aka Tommy Singh is highly inspired by his ‘Udta Punjab’ look and there’s proof. The soon-to-be-father has something on his mind but doesn’t know how to go about it like many of us. The actor wants to get inked in real life too just like his on-screen character.
In a latest interaction, Sashaspilled the beans about his plans saying, “There were 14tattoos that we had carefully selected; each of them was planned. The wings are my favourite tattoo.” What about having one in real life? “I really want one, but I have really never understood what I want.” There you have it, Shahid Kapoor wants to get inked and has not made a decision of what to get yet. This is when you as in fans can come to his rescue and share ideas with him on social media. You can thank us later!A source close to the film further talked about the tattoos Shahid is seen sporting in the film, “He has worked extensively on the look for his character Tommy Singh with costume designer Payal Saluja and director Abhishek Chaubey. He would spend hours to put on and remove the tattoos daily every day. Shahid wanted to use his physical transformation to talk about the character as the tattoos define the mental makeup of Tommy. Tattoo artist Tushar Shah detailed out the designs and made them. Each tattoo has something to say — Born To Fly (the wings on his shoulders and arms represent his desires and belief), Mama Da Boy (close to his heart is self-explanatory), Love Pistol (on his hip bone is the naughtier side of Tommy), Star Dust (on his neck is the charisma of Tommy) and Gabru (inking on his fingers is the name for his fans).”