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Man banned from flight over Pinocchio tattoo

Tom Washington, 22, of Grimsby, UK, got a lifetime ban from Jet2.com for his holiday antics.

Imposing the ban, chiefs at the airline described the behaviour as “disgusting”, saying they carry many families on their flights and such actions would not be tolerated.

But Tom said spirits were high as, along with 22 of his friends, he boarded the flight from East Midlands Airport to Majorca dressed as female cabin crew staff.

Pinocchio Penis Tattoo

Tom shows off the strange tattoo. Source: Picture Media

Things, however, quickly turned sour on-board the plane when Tom revealed his tattoo of childhood character Pinocchio, located above his private parts, to fellow holiday-makers and cabin crew.

“There were 23 of us altogether and we all met at East Midlands airport,” he said. “We got up in the early hours to do our make-up and hair like any presentable woman.

“We were all excited and sober at this point, and we got on to the plane with barrels of laughter from pretty much everyone — the airport staff and members of the public. We got to our seats on the plane for the safety induction.

“I got up but because my jacket was too tight, it exposed my chest which I had covered with a bra. I then proceeded to ‘help’ the cabin staff with the talk using a sex toy.

“There were some old men on the plane as well and they were a laugh. The lads mentioned I had a tattoo of Pinocchio, which I showed them, and that was the point where the manager took my passport.”

He was on a blokes getaway.

He was on a blokes getaway. Source: Picture Media

Following the incident, Tom was told that he would be unable to board the return flight. In order to get him back home, his friends all chipped in to raise £130 ($254) to bring him back home on a different airline.

Jet2.com said they had reported the incident to Leicestershire Police, however a spokesman for the force said they had no record of it.

It’s not the first time Mr Washington has hit the headlines.

In December 2013, he caused a stir at a local football match after he ran onto the pitch with his friend Lewis Hopkinson during a cup clash between Grimsby Town FC and Scunthorpe United.

The pair were ordered to pay a total of £605 ($1182) in fines and costs at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court.

Regarding the latest incident, a spokesman for Jet2.com said: “Jet2.com has given a lifetime ban to Grimsby man, Thomas Washington, for indecently exposing himself to cabin crew on a flight to Majorca last Friday, May 1.

“The airline refused his return travel to East Midlands Airport and has also reported the incident to the police.”

Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2.com and Jet2holidays, said: “We carry millions of families every year so this disgusting behaviour will not be tolerated. It is totally unacceptable.

“We pride ourselves on giving our customers a friendly and relaxing flight experience so we will take action against anyone who causes offence and disruption to our crew and passengers.”