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Manoj Bajpayee: I reject good roles if they are easy

There is no doubt that Manoj Bajpayee pushes himself out of his comfort zone and tries his best to play a different role and character every time he signs a film. The actor, who is extremely passionate about acting, says that he loves playing difficult characters and avoids playing easier ones as they bore him to death. In fact, the National Award winning actor says that he deliberately makes his characters difficult so that he can enjoy the process.Well that has been the case always and that’s how I think it should be. If you see all the characters that I have played till date, you will realise that there is a lot of hard work that’s gone into becoming those characters. I make the character difficult for me. I don’t like them easy. The more difficult the character, the more I enjoy playing it on screen,” says Manoj who prefers walking to the character and making it his own rather than the character becoming the kind of person he is. Considering actors today shy away from experimenting and playing difficult characters and instead stick to the tried and tested roles, Manoj prefers taking a different route and explains us the reason behind doing so. “That’s because if it is easy then I don’t enjoy playing it. I have rejected so many good roles because I found them easy, and I still do that. I like playing difficult characters. Even if you see my recent films, ‘Traffic’ or ‘Aligarh’ or even ‘Kriti’, you will see they were not easy characters to portray,” says the actor who will be next seen as coach Biranchi Das in ‘Budhia Singh: Born To Run’.

However, the actor who got tremendous critical acclaim for his performances in ‘Aligarh’ and ‘Traffic’, did agree that playing difficult characters has been mentally exhausting and draining. “It does get draining and exhausting. That’s why I am not doing any more films this year. I am taking a break now. If you take acting very seriously then playing difficult characters is obviously draining and torturous. It is a demanding profession. It drains out a lot from you as an actor and a person too.”