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New companies not far behind in diversity and inclusivity: BVR Mohan Reddy, NASSCOM

According to the Industry Diversity and Inclusion report launched at NASSCOM’s Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2016, there is a clear trend of women focusing less on support roles and more on core business roles.

Even though traditional enterprises such as Wipro, SAP Labs, and EMC India are being recognized by NASSCOM almost every year for their diversity and inclusion programs, new companies are not far behind in creating an inclusive workplace environment, said BVR Mohan Reddy, chairman of NASSCOM, at the Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2016.

Compared to last year, the IT lobbying body witnessed that there was an increase of 60 percent of companies that addressed the gender diversity and inclusivity issue.

However, the reason that these companies have not reached the likes of Wipro and SAP is that “it takes around two to three years to move the needle” from one organization to another, said Ashok Pamidi, Regional Head-Karnataka at NASSCOM.

The 9th edition of the event, which was attended by an equal share of men and women, also launched the Industry Diversity and Inclusion Report.

According to the report, women constitute for about 51 percent of all entry level hiring in the IT-BPM Industry. However, the total percentage of women in the 3.7 million-strong industry is around 34%, which highlights the fact that women do not continue with their career in IT. The report also stated that even though there have been rapid advancements in the diversity space, there is still a lot of scope for improvement.

Political motivation influencing inclusivity

The political environment in the country is also something that the $100 million industry also has to consider.

Companies like Google and Amazon have programs that address other issues such as the inclusion of sexual minorities in organizations. However, given the political nature of such issues, Reddy said that as a lobbying body they want to distance themselves.

“We recognize and are aware that companies by themselves are tackling this issue and the political leadership is also fighting it out, so we want to keep ourselves little bit away from these issues,” he added.

This year, NASSCOM recognized Goldman Sachs, TE Connectivity, SAP Labs, Wipro, ANZ India, and EMC India Centre of Excellence for their various diversity and inclusivity programs.

Source: http://www.computerworld.in/news/new-companies-not-far-behind-diversity-and-inclusivity-bvr-mohan-reddy-nasscom