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Olympics should get a bigger platform: Salman Khan

Salman Khan opened up on the controversy that followed his appointment as the Olympics goodwill ambassador in an interview with HT. When asked if the court cases against him were the reason of the opposition, he gave his point of view on it. He said, “So, you have issues with one person who has court cases becoming the Olympics goodwill ambassador. But there are so many big politicians who have court cases [against them]. So, desh zyaada important hai ya Olympics (is Olympics more important than the country)? Mere liye toh desh (for me, India) is most important. So, I am ready to leave it (the ambassadorship), if you (the politicians) also leave [your posts]. There are so many people, who have [cases of] scams, corruption and even rapes, but they are still there (on important posts).”
He added, “Olympics should get a bigger platform, and more people should know about it. More than any committee or official, it is about the sportspersons. Several of our sportspersons neither have the equipment nor the nutrition, they only get two meals in a day. But still, they go and win medals for India. Imagine what will happen if you give them all the facilities they need?”